Adaptive Game Products

New for Expo 2023 is the ability for the Physically Challenged to play pinball! If you or someone you know has a physical disability or challege that prevents them from playing pinball, please bring them to the Arcade Expo. A new start up company called Adaptive Game Products has developed a device that allows people with physicall disability to play pinball. This new product has some amazing potential for those who have been excluded from the joy of playing pinball. Now almost anyone can play pinball and not just in a reduced mediocre way but competitively as well! Make sure you stop by the Adaptive Game Products booth, located next to The Game Preserve's booth, and try out their Adaptive Flipper Controller. We really encourage arcade owners and collectors to stop by their booth and see how their devices can help expand your patron community.

10:30 am Speaker -Seminar Room- AGP

Saturday 12th of Oct

a new company desgned to help those with physical disablities play pinball. Jim Austin, one of our senior technicians, had a dibilitating stroke a while back. Through his recovery journey he came up with an idea that puts the ability to control pinball flippers into a single hand. Working with Jim we now have a working patent pending design that not only provides the ability for a dexterity challenged person to play pinball, but it does so at an affordable cost.