Vendor / Exhibitor Booths $240.00   (early bird special, price will start going up in August) Vendor Booth sizes are 10×10 per $240.00 so if you want 20×10 it would be $480.00 let us know how much space you need and what you will be selling! this includes passes for you and the people who are working the booth and a few extra for your families.

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Load in and out instructions.

instructions Load-in for Exhibitors and people bringing games is as follows 12pm until 12am Thursday 9am until 12pm Friday Your game needs to be there (even if you sell it) until the end of the show if you have to move it you will have to pay for your weekend pass. Load out is after 2pm on sunday until 10pm You can bring games to sell, but they must be on free play and everyone must be able to play them Games must stay until load out times unless there is an emergency *For any organization or individual with Booth space, Swap Meet Space and or bringing a game(s) for sale of free play at the Houston Arcade Expo LLC will automatically enter into this agreement that is made upon the express condition that Houston Arcade Expo LLC, Houston Area Arcade Group LLC, Keith Christensen and its agents shall be free from all liabilities and claims for damages and/or suits for or by reason of any injury, or death to any person or property of the Vendor, its agents, employees, or third parties, from any cause or causes whatsoever while in or on said premises or any other part thereof during the term of this event or occasioned by any occupancy or use of said premises or any activity carried on by the vendor in connection herewith, and the Vendor hereby covenants and agrees to indemnify, defend and hold harmless the Houston Arcade Expo LLC, Houston Area Arcade Group, Keith Christensen and its agents from all liabilities, charges, expenses and cost on account of or by reason of any such injuries, deaths, liabilities, claims, suits or losses however occurring or damages growing out of the same. IF the show is canceled due to Government Regulations due to Covid 19 ALL tickets and Booth fees not be refunded but will be usable for the 2022 show.