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The Houston Arcade Expo welcomes press and media professionals to cover our event. Our 21th annual expo begins on Friday, November 10, 2023, and runs through Sunday, November 12, 2023, at the Houston Marriott Westchase. We hope you can make it and share your experience with others!


This page is meant to provide you with anything you might need to help spread the word about the Houston Arcade Expo. This includes our press release, photos, and general information. If you need more information or content, contact Keith Christensen at 713-375-1801 or contact us.

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Press release Arcade Expo 2023

Friday, November 10: Noon-2am
Saturday, November 11: 10am-2am
Sunday, November 12: 10am-2pm

Houston Marriott Westchase
2900 Briarpark Dr
Houston, TX  77042

Key features and highlights of the Houston Arcade Expo include:

1 Extensive free play area: The expo boasts a large free play area where attendees can access numerous pinball machines, arcade games, and classic consoles, all set to free play for a limitless gaming experience.

2 Competitive tournaments and contests: A range of pinball and arcade game tournaments are organized at the Houston Arcade Expo, enabling participants to demonstrate their abilities, compete for attractive prizes, and earn recognition among their peers.

3 Educational seminars and workshops: Renowned industry experts, game designers, and collectors offer informative seminars and workshops during the event. These sessions cover a wide array of topics related to pinball, arcade games, and gaming culture, providing valuable insights for attendees.

4 Diverse vendor booths: The Houston Arcade Expo features an assortment of vendors showcasing pinball and arcade-related products, such as parts, accessories, artwork, and memorabilia. Additionally, gaming consoles, retro games, and other gaming-related items are available for purchase.

5 Opportunities for networking and connection: The event fosters a sense of community and camaraderie by providing a welcoming environment for attendees to interact with fellow enthusiasts, collectors, and industry professionals. By hosting a comprehensive and engaging experience for all attendees, the Houston Arcade Expo supports the growth and development of the pinball, arcade, and gaming communities both locally and on a broader scale. The event’s commitment to celebrating gaming culture and fostering connections within the community helps ensure its ongoing success and popularity.

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Houston Arcade Expo founder, Keith Christensen, grew up in Houston playing pinball and video games at local arcades like Good Time Charlie’s and Gold Mine. As a young adult, he enjoyed hosting house parties to share his extensive collection of games with friends. In 2002, he moved the party to Fitzgerald’s, a local music club, where the foundation was laid for the multi-day expo we enjoy today. Christensen shared, “This show has been and always will be a labor of love for everyone involved with putting it on. Our goal is not to be the biggest show in the land, but the most fun and engaging show we can have for us and all the attendees.”

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