Bring a Game!!

Each game you bring you get a FREE VIP Weekend pass!
Bring 10+ games and get a free booth!

 Rules to bring a game

Games that will be accepted

    1. Full size Arcade or Pinball machine
    2. Coin OP counter top arcade games. Toys will not be accepted.
    3. Consoles with game cartages/floppies and monitors
    4. Your games can be for sale.

Game discs or carts with no consoles will not be accepted!!!

All games MUST be on the show floor on free play for everyone to play and even if you sell it must stay until 2pm Sunday (last day of show)

BRING A GAME FOR A VIP PASS ENDS Tuesday before the show!!!
If you are not on the List you will not get credit!
For load-in instructions

You can also contact us with any questions about the show with this form.

To contact us by phone or fax:
Tel: (713) 579-9611
Fax: (713) 979-0498