2008 Houston Arcade Expo pictures by Keith

Loading up all the sound and light gear

full up and ready to go!

the arcade elite meet

David Putsch from Groovin' Audio & Visual, brings in the big guns for the best light show yet!

a blurry early morning thumbs up

Whoa too much coffee me thinks

Green mountian Energy do not play! they where in and out quick

Cindy and Dan Land

WOW the magik of David!

Lights- ACTION!

come on, there will be time enought to play, let's get the show on the road

Umm, let me make sure it works right hehehe

Tim and crew unboxing the Stern Batman that Charles sent for the touney!

Say lets just load it into my truck ;)


John is giggy with excitement

open da box!


Whew, Tim takes a quick rest

Hell no, get this pin on the road!

no, no, no John just wait a sec...

heheh it is alll mine! mruphnhahah

well come on, lets play it

ok ok, grumble grumble

Chris getting the goods on

Hmm where did I put that poster of kids on the block???

tons of coolio stuff

Al getting the console land up and running

More comming in!

Bring it on!

gotta get my robotron on

ahh the bridge flux capacitor, I knew it!

Lets see, wire A goes to plug B, or is it wire B goes to plug C?

Sam I am the Man and crew unloading Keith's Pins

Nice and easy there son

Death from Above! and under if you guys don't move it! yells Sam

A well deserved lunch break

1st crowd makes it in

Nice pong!

Welcome Aboard Captian!

Pinball ally is looking good!

all the good Doctor has come by in his Tardus

We snuck the fog machine on for a few

We'll save you Steve!

Dan Land is rockn'

Chris and Noel up to no good ;)

OMG there is a bird on your shoulder!

yeah we are Wacko!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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