Houston Arcae Expo 2006! Pics by Keith


Soo Much Stuff so little time

The Mighty Chris Brooks Arrives!

Lousiana Boys, Discussin'

Ahh looking nice!

1/2 way filled up

Richard & Dan setting up the vintage pins

Pirates of the Caribian NIB!


Ahhh the smell of fresh pinball

Who would of thunk it?

Easy now!

Hmmm Minty!

One mo Leg

Ya know, this is what ya call a never been played pinball


Here comes Keith's Games

Lights Camera Pinball!

How does it feel?

Niiiiice! says Tim!

Mr Brooks, Howdy!

And the Crowds come pouring in

Pinball Pete Action Shot!

Final Touches

Varkon LIVES!

COSTA! WHOOP! Awesome job there bud

Playa's playing

they are in the twilight zone!

oh no here comes trouble

Lucas loves all the lights

Sophia is a popeye fan

Daddy you have this one in te garage

Sophia to save the universe

take that!, and that!

thank you all for this green ball for saving the earth, thank you

Tina & Lucas Christensen

People are flowin' in!

ahh this feels good!

bo that is a big star wars

Wooo I am won a #1 mushroom shirt

May the force be with you

and also with you

I like games :) Olivia says smiling

Dan the Man!

oooooh the monkey got me

Stackin' Deep!

Sight for sore eyes

wooohoo look at that bear!

well it's kinda workin

Sport n' thier tee shirts

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