2005 Expo
June 17th & 18th
Friday 6pm to ??
Saturday 10am to ??
$12.00 a day $20 for a
weekend Pass
PayPal now & save $3 on Weekend Pass
Contact expo@arcadecenter.com
Pinball & Arcade Game Raffle
66+ Games confirmed!!!!!
Pinball & Arcade Tournament
Ca$h prizes!
Houston Northwest Inn (same place as last year)
Call them for special $49.00
room rates for the show!
There are still a few left! Call them

List of Games that will be here!

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June 17th & 18th!!! 2005 expo
2005 expo Hotline-281-698-1123

HAAG 2005 Arcade EXPO!!!!!!
Buy, Sell, Trade, Play, Explore!
Fun for the Whole Family!

Spread the word!!!!
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Expo 2005 info

Email me at expo@arcadecenter.com with what you are bringing.
Load-in instructions
If you are going to bring a game, load-in is between 9 am and 5 pm Friday
Your game needs to be there (even if you sell it) until the end of the show.
Load out is Either End of Show Saturday Night
(Depending on how may people are left we will stay open until 2am)
or you can load out on Sunday starting about noon until 6pm.
Each game you bring for free play and not for sale gets you a free pass for the weekend!
If you are bringing a game to sell there will be a charge for the weekend for each game.
1 game for sale= $25.00
2-3 games for sale $20.00 each
3-5 games for sale $15.00 each
5+ games for sale $10.00 each
You can bring games to sell, but they must be on free play and everyone must be able to play them
Money will be collected before the show!!!
Games must stay until load out times unless there is an emergency
You can bring parts to sell, there will be some tables