Pinball Pete and Grodo Get pumped up for setup!

Some of my Babies lined up!

Hey! You Whatcha lookn' at? Huh you got a Problem? My Pinballs not shiney enought for ya?

Ahhh many moons I have search for this one!

The room starts to take shape

Jon Christains Twilight Zone, Awesome Gum Ball Machine Light

Here is some of Keiths Vids & Varkon

Late 70's Heaven

The sound table takes shape

One of the lighting Trees

Pinball Pete checking out Karl's DR who Mini play field problem

Dan the Man!

Ahhhh Very nice!

EM land to the right

Tourney Section Shaping up

Keith's Daughter Olivia Lovin the Mac-n-Cheese

Hi Sophia, Yes your Daddy is Crazy :)

Olivia takes the mike to sing us some pacman tunes

Dan giving Olivia the grand tour of the classics.

Pinball Pete & Grodo finnaly getting to relax!

Oh my! You got the High Score Olivia!

Olivia's Favorite Vid, Johns Star Fire!

People are rocking on Friday Night

Couple of the Mini's, only two this year...

Moooon Patrol, I love the funky music!

Callan & John taking care of Buisness

Cocktail Land!

John Arceneaux & John Costa checking out the new Banner

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