Photos by Chuck Mcdowell

Welcome to the HAAG Show!

Pinball Alley!

the Men of Arcade in Action

Tim Setting up his White Water

Last minute Adjustments

Nice White Water there Tim!

Shaking out all the Germlins!

John & Wife setting up thier Qbert

Owww! Something's got my hand!!! #@&*#&#%

Dad Can I have this one?

Callan getting his to drink list ready...

Dad, this one can go in my room!

John in action!

and Dad this one can go in the bathroom...

We have some space in the Kitchen...

I'll be back



John Taking some shots


This game will PUMP YOU UP!

Ahh the simpler days....

Now what the heck does this do again?

I have an Aztaaac and you dont :p

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