2003 Expo 4/5/03
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2003 expo H.A.A.G.

Houston Area Arcade Group

HAAG 2003 Arcade EXPO!!!!!!
Click here to see the flyer at high resolution
Click here to get a 8 x 11 dual color flyer to print out
Click here to get a 8 x 11 dual B&W flyer to print out

Spread the word!!!!

Expo 2003 info

List of Games that will be here!

This one is starting to size up pretty good!
Load-in instructions
If you are going to bring a game, load-in is between 9 am and 1:30 pm. Email me at Keith@trinicom.com
with what you are bringing.
Load out is at 2am or 12am the 6th
Each game you bring gets you a free pass!
You can bring games to sell, but they must be on free play and everyone must be able to play them
Games must stay until load out times unless there is an emergancy
You can bring parts to sell, there will be some tables