2002 Houston Arcade Arcade Group Expo at Fitzgeralds in the Heights!

Everybody Setting up

things were shaping up nicely!

The ultimate arcade comes to life!

Callan & Dean set up Callan's pride & Joy!

We had wires going everywhere, luckly we had over 300 amps to play with

Kids of all ages start to show up

Rock-n-Roll Arcade expo!

Look one of Dan's EM's has it's own spot light!

People warming up for the tourney

Dan, Leon, Keith, Callan & Dean after the load in

Hey! when does the bar open??

pinball alley from the sound board

What a great mix of pins :)

Ahhh, this starts to capture the atmosphere

What a wonderful sight!

the tourney begins! No expo is complete with out a Disco Ball!

ZZZZAAAPPPPP! the power of Addams Family!

Susan & Kathy helping out with the tourney

The famous Tom Bass stops in to show us youngsters how pinball is played!

Kathy & Tina enjoying the nights Festivities!

Karl "discs of tron" Kuhlenschmidt Smiles for the Camera

What a COOL shirt!

Jeff and his lovely wife relaxing

Jay & Rick from the Trinicom team drop off some much needed pizza! (well Callan & Dean needed it ;)

Jeff sobs as his Nice TOTAN is the 1st casualty of the night :(

...Mr Roboto Domo...

Come try your luck at the tourney!

Tourney Action shot

Wow did you see that move! this should be on cable!

....Runnin' with the Devil...

I am gonna win!

Do I have high score Yet?

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